Walking Down the Aisle

A wedding day is the culmination of many different events. A couple is beginning their life together and stating their vows before friends and family. They have been dating, often for a year or two, and are ready to make a complete commitment. Usually, the dad walks his daughter down the aisle and has one dance with her at the beginning of the reception. These acts are just a small part of the role of a good dad on the wedding day.

It all begins with a child being born. It is up to the dad to take an active role in raising his child. How they turn out will be partly because of the examples he sets throughout their life. It is his job to help teach them right and wrong. He must educate them in how to take care of themselves and how to earn a living. Fixing broken items around the home is generally one of the more important lessons dads teach their children for surviving in everyday life.

As a child grows and learns, a good dad's example teaches them self-respect as well as respect for other people. They learn how to interact with others and how to be patient. It is very important, especially for a dad, to set the example of how two people interact in a marriage. This will determine the type of man his daughter marries.

There is nothing more special than a bride being walked down the aisle by her dad on her wedding day. This is a special day for both of them. The bride is beginning her new life with a man she hopes is just as special as her father has been in her life. The dad is walking the final steps with his daughter to her new life with the person she has chosen. She will always be his little girl, but this event signifies that she is now ready to start out with a new partner. He sees this not as giving away her daughter as a prized possession but as a hope that her life will be as wonderful as his has been.